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Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) is a safe way to elongate the muscles and increase flexibility! By stretching with movement, the
body increases the blood to the muscles and the synovial fluid within joints. AIS is a safer way to warm up one's body before a
dance class, an athletic event, or any form of exercise. AIS is perfect for everyone from the elite athlete to the weekend gardener.
It will help one to stand taller, live pain free, and enhance overall physical performance.

Pilates puts a strong focus on how to exercise mindfully. After practicing Pilates, one will become aware of proper breathing,
and how to engage the intrinsic muscles along the spine before moving his or her strength toward the outer limbs and larger muscle groups.
It also focuses on developing one's full range of motion to increase flexibility.

Qigong is an ancient Chinese exercise very similar to Tai Chi. Through visualizations, breathing and subtle movements, one will learn how
to balance energy to enhance mind, body and spirit. These exercises are how groups like the Shaolin monks obtain such incredible and
profound internal power! When practiced daily, Qigong will enhance the immune system, heal the body, and calm the mind.

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